Saturday, April 22, 2023

Movie Mania

Thursday night, I watched a movie called Keep the Change. I thought it was a wonder of a movie. I knew nothing about it, I chose it because in the synopsis, the protagonist is described as a filmmaker. Quite quickly into it, I took a disliking to the protagonist. He was rude and coarse, and we learn this as we watch his encounters with women he meets online. The other thing he does, is go to a social group program for Jewish people wherein everyone is differently enabled. Our protagonist, David, wears dark glasses and sits outside the group. 

I won’t reveal the rest in case you want to see it. I think it is an extremely powerful and emotionally compelling film. As the credits rolled, I watched for names because I was so impressed and fulfilled, I wanted to write a fan letter to the screenwriter and the director.

I love movies that reveal something unfamiliar. That’s why I love foreign films. Keep the Change slips me into sympathy and understanding of a very different way of living. And it’s American! Go figure.

Last night I watched a wonderful, and very, very French, film set in Provence. It concerns a family of four—2 grown sons and the parents who run a small corner grocery store in their village. It’s sunny almost every day in the film, the views of the scenery are spectacular, it’s in a thick heavily accented French of southern rural France. What’s not to like?

This past Monday, very suddenly, my speech got bad. Today, I could not run my lines aloud, and I can barely talk to friends. It’s very, very difficult to get words out. I haven’t written about my voice like this in a year. I can’t even make a sound when I try to run my lines.

This situation surprises me because I don’t do anything except go for walks, do grocery shopping, read and watch TV. I’m nearly always at home, which is my favourite place to be, and I rarely see anyone except my dog walking friends. Plus, it’s Springtime, and I’m not stressed about anything. I’d expect my speech to be good.

It’s a very damp Saturday. The clouds are thick, so I am staying indoors with Her Highness and the cats. Another day like every other.

My new favourite bird.

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