Sunday, September 27, 2015

About the Weekend

Sunday was spent enjoying a surprise visit from my buddy Todd and his son Hudson. They are part of a family I adore. We ate, we walked and we shopped, Todd, Hudson, me and my cane. The weekend is about to end with champagne in the sunshine in my living room followed by dinner with Ross and Pam at Chambar—a great, if a bit young and hip, restaurant.

Saturday involved negotiating pain and being part of setting-up for the graduation reunion that began at 4:30.  It was a blast! There was plenty of food, the band (of two) got people dancing and the weather was perfect. It was a truly remarkable time seeing old friends who, for the most part, seem not to have changed.

There was sadness of course, hearing some stories, remembering people who are no longer with us and seeing one old friend who appears now to have rather severe MS. Paul is a true gentleman whom I have adored all my life, and to see him struggle to speak was devastating.

Many people thanked me for my part in organizing the reunion. I did not anticipate their thanks but their gratitude helped me see that our party was a real success. In fact, the organization is its own reward. I have a plan to have annual drop-in summer picnics in the summer and periodic lunches to which we will invite all who are interested.

We have had a reunion every ten years but I think we are going to drastically pick up the pace. Those of us who are left and happy want to party.

Deborah and I went through elementary school and high
school together. We were also in the West Vancouver
Boys and Girls Band together.

My co-host, Brian K.
Our own Robert Redford: Bruce M.
Sill handsome, warm and wonderful.

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