Friday, September 25, 2015

Friday Morning Casualty Report

The Fall gardens everywhere are stunning.

The great news is the weather prediction for our 50th Anniversary High School Reunion on Saturday. My colleagues and I have been planning this event since the Spring, so the weather is our reward. The balconies of the Rowing Club are going to be a very popular place—drinks in hand.

The good news is that I am learning how to move so as to lessen the spasms that terrify me and hurt so incredibly much. I am also capable of sustaining a spasm quietly now; you get better at everything you practice with diligence. I am walking with a cane. That is essential, and I will be checking in my locker for crutches that give me much more stability—I used crutches in the hospital.

Also, I can do just about anything but I do everything as part of a new, slower and intense way of being. I am constantly thinking about where I am going and how to do things. I work to keep my right leg bent to reduce the probability of a spasm with movement.

I am in constant dull pain and have intense periodic spasms. My day is pretty much carrying on whilst in mild pain or stopping and trying to find a position that allows for no pain at all if possible. Nights are brutal. Turning in bed has to be thought through carefully, but I can now get out of bed without inducing a spasm.

I was offered drugs for pain but refused them. I hate them because they make you constipated and lazy and vegetable like.

Next week, I will go to see my doctor if I remain in this condition to know more about what, exactly, is wrong and what the prognosis is. I will take physiotherapy if it will help.

I quit my brand new job teaching at Emily Carr. Why deal with all that whilst dealing with all this pain and trouble? The classes are three hours. No thanks.

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