Thursday, September 17, 2015

Little Bits

My high school reunion is just over a week. I am co-host but I have nothing to say. I am hoping I pick up some fun gossip from fellow grads before I am required to speak.
I am going back to teach at Emily Carr University again. But just for one term. I start mid-October and go until mid-December. I am going into it very casually and I think I will enjoy it far more than when I was doing it all year round.
            By the time the term is finished, I should hear whether or not the company that optioned my screenplay has secured a second partner and identified a third, and final, potential partner. 
Yesterday was a powerfully emotional day. I was often suddenly overwhelmed with intense emotion, triggered by various stimuli. One stimulant was a magnificent old heritage home on a side street in North Vancouver. As I walked away, I wondered why it had brought me instantly to tears.
First of all, it was beautifully restored and it had a magnificent garden. As well, there was a plaque out front explaining its history, making it a home not a site. I felt very sad that this generation of Facebook and texting would never enjoy the simple play I enjoyed in my youth. I can honestly say that my and my friends’ most oft-used amusement device was our imagination.

The lot next door was a parking lot until a month ago. Ever since they have been digging out the foundation for he condo development that is being built. Today we got a notice that they have decided that they cannot use explosives to break up the massive rock that they have uncovered so they will continue to use the drill and hammer technique that they have been using so far. It means the constant bone-chilling noise will continue for a lot longer than was foreseen.

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