Thursday, September 24, 2015

DREADFUL Thursday Morning

UPDATE: The x-rays revealed no bone damage so the good news is that whatever is wrong is "soft tissue." The doctor I saw guessed that I have torn a ligament but I have no recollection of an injury or accident. I am to take it easy and go back next week if I am still having severe spasms of pain.
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Let's see… I got up at six because I was up late dining with my friend, Robin. Now it is 6:30 and so far I have screamed loud enough to wake my neighbour, cancelled my teaching this term and Emily Carr, terrorized my cat with my crying, screaming and the cane and written for an appointment with my doctor. Something is dreadfully wrong with my right hip and leg.

I learned about referral pain and had spinal surgery once before when my arm went like this. It is a far more inconvenient situation with a leg—and it may actually be my let or hip and not my spine that is the issue.

I have known something was wrong for a long time and I thought: This will either get worse on its own, or better. Well it got worse, far worse, and very suddenly. Thank God I do not have pain when I am sitting up.

You never know what is coming your way!

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