Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Tuesday Night

Fish Boy (Costin) was here yesterday morning and we did a major pruning of the plants growing in my aquarium. I like changing the landscaping as we do; it is my constantly changing wet garden beside which, I spend a lot of time each day. It’s fish are almost incidental.

I invited Costin and Marina to dinner and so we went, last night, to Farmer’s Apprentice restaurant. The chef is David Gunawan and he was voted the top chef in the city by the chefs of the city’s better restaurants in a competition hosted by a local paper. It is a cozy warm place and the servers are, thankfully, restrained in with their descriptions of each course of our tasting menu.

Last night at 1:30 am the fire alarm went off. It is not a bell; it is a shrieking soprano banshee that terrorizes Leon, the extraordinary cat. Consequently, I had a dreadful night’s sleep. Leon would not leave my side.

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