Monday, November 20, 2017

A Day Away

I’m home! It feels so, so good to be home after a day in Vancouver. I ran inside the minute the car stopped to reunite with Sheba, Fred and Ethel. I missed them terribly, especially Sheba. I’m already addicted to her company.
I had two seizures but I got everything done I wanted to do: Chocolate from XoXoLa, fennel saucisson sec from Oyama, Stella & Chewey’s Chick Chick Chicken that is heroine for my pets from the pet store, and towels at The Bay.
And, of course, I saw Dr. S. (the reason for the trip). I can’t see her via Skype. Pooey. So I am going to see her twice a month.
Sheba is strong willed. Boy is she strong willed… and smart — a deadly combination. She took my toque out of my backpack and I happened to see her bolt. I knew somehow she had something she shouldn’t have and so did she. I put it back and she went after it again.
I gave her a sock I have to play with. She took to it and I went back to work. The next thing I know is Fred has the sock in his mouth and he was running around with it and Sheba was chasing him. I laughed out loud.
I think Fred could become a giant; he is growing so much, I can see it. Ethel remains slim and sleek. Sheba is heavier to pick up so I know she is growing but I don’t see it.
I loved Sunday morning and the CBC’s Radio Canada. They play such an eclectic mix of supremely lovely gentle music. Yesterday (Sunday) morning it was all from movies and included the Mahler used in Death in Venice. Oh how that music moves me. And La Wally sung by Wilhelmina Wiggins Fernandez from the movie, Diva. Delicious.
I had breakfast with Jay then he came here and explained what is not working with my cistern and well. Now I am better able to explain the problem to a service provider. And I’ve been replacing on/off switches with dimmers so I get the soft light I prefer at night.
In the afternoon, it was such a treat to relax with Netflix and doze off. The chaise is so wonderfully comfortable right in front of the fire.

And Wow! At three o’clock on Sunday afternoon I went to my desk to check my email and right away I noticed a big bird on a branch near my bird feeder. I had my binoculars close by and Google Image at the ready and quickly and easily determined it was a Peregrine Falcon. I only had my crappy iPhone camera with which to snap a photo; I need to find and charge my “real” camera for next time — what excitement!
As soon as a songbird came to eat, the falcon took off after it. Then, two minutes later, a deer emerged from the wild and walked under the feeder and across my yard, right past my window.
Boo hoo: The Durrells in Corfu is over for another season. I love the show. Louisa, however, was not at all as presented in the show. The reason the Durrells went to Corfu was because Larry was desperate to stop his mother from drinking and to free her of her depression. She had lost a daughter to diphtheria and her husband died suddenly and unexpectedly of a stroke.

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