Friday, November 3, 2017

A VERY Busy Week Ends

Oh what a great start to the day: Embers in the fireplace meant it was easy to start the fire and my shower works. Oh how I love running water and water pressure. And … I saw the moon when I took Sheba out for a first-thing pee walk.   
I’ve no deliveries, no inspectors no repairmen and not even Darrell here today because he’s building my gates in his workshop. Finally: Just living.
Yesterday really threw me. Just when I thought everything was working, running out of water and having to learn how all the well and water purification and compression equipment worked was a little overwhelming.
I have a new lover. Sheba changed overnight. Suddenly she wants to sleep on my lap and be cuddled. Until today she showed signs of pure pleasure to be here and with me, but there was no being picked up at all. Neither did she like to be on furniture. But this morning she fell asleep in my arms on the chaise.
Twice yesterday, she asked to go out to pee!
Today we’ll likely take lots of walks.
Patsy is coming to Nanaimo with me on Monday to fetch the cats. I feel a lot more secure with company.
I can’t settle on names for them. I’ve gone off Yin and Yang. Right now I’m thinking Vicky and Al (as in Victoria and Albert) or Fred and Ethel.
I desperately hope that I’m right in believing all the emergencies are over and that I am finally truly here and settled because suddenly becoming the father of three will be keeping me very busy.
I’m hoping the cats look after themselves and each other because Sheba needs a lot of attention. They may provide some company and distraction for her.
Sheba is Miss LBS (leaky bladder syndrome). Pee is everywhere. I often change my shirt but I could care less. It’s puppy pee and I’ve water and lots of paper towels.
Darrell is a treasure. I like him, I trust him, he loves Sheba and he works like mad. I am so impressed with him and so grateful that I found him. The whole fence is done — in a week. Only the gates remain to be done and it’s coming in under budget.
Next: The studio. I can hardly wait to see that project underway and to watch the transformation. I will definitely need two more cords of wood with the second wood stove.
My next project is to find an animal sitter for my Tuesdays.
It’s clear to me that I have to limit my visits to Dr. Shoja to two per month because I have to pay for my return transportation and the pet sitter.
There’s no gentle waking up any more. Sheba wakes me and I rush into my clothes, pick her up and sprint to the backyard so she can pee and poop. And while I’m out there, I get wood for the fire. Then we play until she tires and that’s when I can write my posts and do chores.
Thank God cats are far less work.
And yes: I accept it. Living here is expensive. Food is expensive, going to Vancouver for therapy is expensive, heating is expensive — especially with a human soup maker (hot tub) and I drive everywhere. And my arms looks like they belong to a blind junky with Tourette’s because Sheba has razor claws and teeth. There’s urine in the air and toys underfoot and every single thing I do is complicated because everything is new but I am happy as stink that I moved here (and had lots of cash left over).

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