Saturday, November 18, 2017

Pinecone Park Emerges

Victory!! Pinecone Park is debris-free.
The rotting palettes are gone and so is the disgusting composter and all its putrid contents. I have dug, I have toted, I have heaved and I have held my breath to get the backyard shite-free.
Down the line, I have to heft all the shite I’ve removed from its temporary storage place and a lot of other stuff in my woodshed and garage out onto the curb and have a garbage disposal service come and take it to the landfill neat Nanaimo — that is, all that cannot be
I went to GIRO after I was done in the yard. I took them some recyclable materials that curbside won’t pick up and some things to sell. I also bought two “+1” stickers. I’m allowed to buy them to attach to extra bags of garbage. On Tuesday, I get to rid myself of some sacs of detritus left over from the move. Progress!
In the afternoon, I approached my antepenultimate task: Finding my chequebook; so far, I haven’t found it. And then I cleaned the outside drier vent of its accumulated lint.  That was my penultimate task (the ultimate job is fixing the cistern warning alarm that may happen next week). It will feel very fulfilling to finally complete all the tasks set out for me by all the various inspectors.
My well/cistern is full, I’ve plenty of wood, I finally understand how to deal with all the different kinds of garbage, I have two awesome pet sitters “in my pocket” for days I have to go to Vancouver for therapy and I’ve rationalized the expense and convenience of flying back and forth to therapy on the float plane.
In the next weeks, my exciting renovations will begin — my studio and the sunroom. And in two weeks I turn seventy. Three weeks after that it’s Christmas by the fire with pie and the pets.

I deserve The Order of Gabriola for dealing with this thing.
It was full of things you don't want to know under a blanket
of mould that looked alien.
These were two of three trees against which the previous
owner had stacked old wood and rotting palettes. I'm
planting moss over the scar left by the junk.
That low row in front is the third row. The high wall of
wood you see is two rows thick. Just looking at the photo
makes my back and arms hurt.
This is Pinecone Park, and there's lots more behind me and
to the left in the distance.

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