Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Good News

Rob is coming to visit. I have a massive crush on him; I shouldn’t but I do. He’s straight but he’s very affectionate with me and because I trust him so, I enjoy his human touch very much. He is kind and dealing with a serious disease as I am and so we find comfort in each other. He’s a crazy and kind man; that’s why I love him.
Thank God for the healing power of sleep. My neck pain is slowly getting better. Sunday afternoon and evening it was so bad it made me feel sick to my stomach and I worried about how I would cope with the animals Monday. But I can move around without the severe shards of pain now.
My blog is called Notes from Pinecone Park now. Did you notice? I began the blog as Chris Walks in April 2013 to record my sojourns and that is what it did for quite a while — that and post photos I took. But it evolved to chronicle all my activities as my interests in life changed: My baking and baking courses; my paper dresses and their script, Armour: The Defiant Dress and the emergence of C-PTSD, its symptoms and how I deal with them. Now it’s about island living.
My fence is covered in birds. They take turns at the perch so the fence is where they line up. There are scores of them at once. They’re at the suet and the seeds; its hypnotizing non-stop action and now its super easy to feed them.
Leave a drawer slightly ajar — it’ll be emptied. Leave a sewing kit on a table: Pushed onto the floor and emptied. All bags will be shredded and emptied. Bugs: Killed! Toilet paper unsecured will be unraveled. Paper towels too. Wires? Are they not for chewing? Something missing? Fred has taken it somewhere. If it smells, it’ll be investigated with vigor. You should see Fred take off with bags of food, a shoe, flower bulbs … anything really. Yesterday he was dragging my entire pie across the counter to crash it onto the floor.
And they race around. Not only that: These slight, lithe, beautiful and graceful creatures somehow sound like Elephants when they run.
And then they tire and curl up together by the fire and I think they are the sweetest living things on earth and I adore them. It turns out that “Fred” and “Ethel” were good names choices. They feel like a perfect fit to me.
And last night, awakened by Sheba for a pee at 1:30 am, I was delighted to find us all sleeping in the same room. Fred was in Sheba’s bed. Sheba was under my bed and Ethel was curled up in the clothes I left on the dresser.
My goal yesterday was simple: More yard work. I burned a ton of twigs and branches from the property and dumped wheelbarrows full of pine needles, rocks and wood too wet to burn into the woods behind my fence. My back/neck pain came back with a vengeance when I started raking so a rest today is in order.
As for professional progress here at Pinecone Park: Rod is coming with the new cistern switch today so today my manual well duties end (with luck). Darrell and his invisible partner (his wife Elaine who is accounts receivable and head of research) are in Nanaimo on a scouting mission for materials for both the studio and the sunroom. And I’ve called a fellow about installing the wood stove.  
And I’ve ordered a whack of things:
  • some solar spotlights that I’ll use to light up parts of Pinecone Park.
  • coat racks for the house
  • a floor lamp for the house
  • a sofa bed for the studio
  • a rug and two chairs for the studio
  • and a coffee table for the studio

And then, because we’re on puppy time, we went to bed at 8:30.  It’s like camping.

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