Wednesday, November 1, 2017


Tuesday: What a day! Way, way too many things were on the day’s agenda — the date fo all of them determined by others. From its start I could hardly wait until it ended, knowing that the last thing happening on so extremely busy a day was the arrival of Sheba.
Ally and Peter were up earlier than expected and I filled them in on what was happening in paradise: Annie on the roofs, Darrell on the fence and the WETT inspector.
They drove me to Silva Bay and I caught the seaplane to near the South Terminal at Vancouver Airport. The airline had a taxi waiting that took me to the Canada Line and I arrived at Broadway and Cambie at 11:50.
I ate a burger and met Dwayne to hand over the keys to my condo and then walked to Dr. Shoja’s office. She made me feel very welcome and gave me several more appointments. Then I went to the chocolate shop but the chocolate I like isn’t in so I rushed to the airport to meet Dwight.
Dwight drove me to the seaplane dock and we had a short visit and then it was a quick flight home. Ally and Peter picked me up and brought me home and then they left to have dinner at Ally’s birth mother’s place.
Success: I got a 100% compliant rating for my fireplace from the WETT inspector so I am likely on my way to having home insurance. And thank God.
And … my roofs are clean. Annie has removed all the needles and she said it was likely well more than a year’s worth of build up.
Also the progress on the fence is amazing. That Darrell is a miracle find.
At 6:30 Sheba arrived and from then on all that mattered was She. I am very happy and proud to say that we passed the night together very well. There was virtually no pining for her family as had been predicted; I just wore her out with attention.
Then Ally and Peter came home from dinner at Ally’s birth mother’s house (with pie and cake for me) and Sheba had three playmates until bedtime.
All night, I slept on the living room floor with her. There was no whimpering at all. And in the morning we went for a long walk. What’s great is that I study her happily and now I can recognize her behavior just prior to going to the bathroom (poop) and falling asleep. When she’s tired, she needs company; it’s then, I think, she misses her litter.
This morning we went on a long walk around the block. She was fabulous; she never took her eyes off me just as had been predicted. I’m smitten with her, of course.
The breeder is lining me up with a trainer who will train us using hand signals and Sheba will be sensitized to my seizures (although I don’t know how that will be done).
It’s another beautiful day. Sheba and I will take lots of walks and we’ll go to town once the plumber is finished.
And I’m done. Everything essential is now fixed. I have my WETT certificate, the roofs are cleaned, the fence is almost done and the fluoride filter will soon go in. Done!
The work remaining is optional: Gardening and renovating the studio. But I can hardly wait to do it with Sheba by my side.

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