Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Chris' Circus

Fred and Ethel were totally freaked out by the move. They were scared to death of me, of everything — especially Freddy. Ethel is going to be fine. I already have been playing with her and she purrs like a lighthouse and through Ethel’s befriending, I hope to make progress with Fred.
(Meanwhile, Sheba and I love each other more every minute.)
Ethel is seven months, brave and inquisitive and Freddy is three months and paralyzed with fear. When we got home, I put them in the guest bathroom with a litter box, food and water. That’s what the breeder suggested for a day or two and then to slowly introduce them to the house and to Sheba.
My homecoming to Sheba was exhilarating. After leaving her for the first time (with Judy) she was giddy to see me again. I am totally in love with her.
I see tremendous progress in her behaviour, too. She now cuddles, she’s licking instead of biting and she is clearly smart — even cunning. I’m thrilled with her; I know we’ll be as close as Leon and I were. She’s perfect. And so, I know, is Ethel. Fred: We’ll see but he can be whomever he wishes and be loved and welcome here.
John and I went to high school together for the entire six years but we never said one word to each other. After graduation he went to SFU and I went to UBC and when we both graduated we wound up back at our former high school as teachers.
We both hit the wall.
John took a short leave. I somehow managed to live through the shock and awe of having a job and being a teacher. every one of my seven classes had thirty-nine students. Teaching felt like work in front of a firing squad. When John came back we bonded and we have been the best of friends since — all of us: He and his wife Bunny and me.
They’ve emailed yesterday to say they are coming for a visit today. Dianne and DR (Dawn-Rae) arrive Wednesday to stay and Jane and Dana arrive for a day visit on Thursday with the three of us. This week will pass quickly; I’ll be busy.
It seems like all I do now is cater to animals. I’m either playing with Sheba or getting Fred and Ethel used to me. I have three toddlers. It’s a full time job. This inaugural period will be a challenge for us all but once we are settled, Paradise will be a much better place.
Yesterday I spent some time clearing the gazillion sticks off one corner of the backyard with Sheba. It looked great and next I want to pick up the gazillion bazillion pinecones. The natural moss on the lumpy subsoil looks gorgeous, so green and soft and it really looks park-like and is more practical for Sheba when it is cleared.
Darrell says the fence will be finished in a couple of days! I can’t quite believe that but he truly knows his stuff. We are polar opposites but he came into the house yesterday and we enjoyed talking for half an hour together.

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