Saturday, November 4, 2017


Well it’s 10:30 am Saturday morning and it’s been snowing light fluffy flakes since nine. It’s colder than yesterday. It’s really pretty and something I’d looked forward to, living in a log cabin as I do. The Gregorian chants I’m listening to definitely add to the beauty of the scene I have out every window.
There’s been a seismic shift in Sheba’s attitude toward me. She now climbs onto my lap to play, sleep and cuddle — even on the chaise. (She’d been, until yesterday, furniture phobic.) I took her into town and got her a little bed that she took to immediately but she still dislikes the car.
What she really likes are my shoes and slippers. She’s going to shred them but I couldn’t care less. I gave her a bath yesterday ‘cause she kind of stank. It went pretty well for a first time. It could have been a trustbuster. We take lots of short walks so my house is less of a urinal. Preparing for one sojourn I happened on one of Leon’s toys. I still cry when that happens.
Last night I hunkered down on the floor as usual until Sheba peed on our floor bed, so I got up and got into my own bed high above her. She was not happy but after a few minutes she went to sleep. It was not the easiest of nights. There’ll be a nap today. And it was my fault. I let her sleep all through the early evening and that’s like drinking a double espresso just before bed.

Yesterday Darrell put the gates up so now my backyard it deer-proof and puppy escape-proof. I’m incredibly lucky to have found Darrell. He’s going to finish the gates and then take a break so I am not sure when the studio work will get done but he is committed to doing it.
I decided on Fred and Ethel (as in Mertz) for the names of my incoming felines.
Today’s task: Find my cheques and do some prep for dinner tomorrow. Jay is coming over. I really like Jay. I think he’s going to be a wonderful friend for me here.

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