Friday, November 10, 2017

Even Closer Ties

Thursday morning I made breakfast for Dianne and DR and decided to bake a chocolate cake in advance of the arrival of Dana and Jane. Short one egg, I dashed into the village for supplies and raced home to finish the cake. Afterwards, sitting talking with DR while the cake cooled, I had a mild seizure — a hint of things to come.
When Dana and Jane arrived it was wonderful for all five of us good friends to be together. While Jane and Dana looked around, I started getting lunch ready. We all appreciated the layout of my cabin; I am central at the counter, easily able to participate in the conversation. We were all is such a good mood.
But then, as I was talking I seized again, very suddenly and very deeply. It was the worst seizure I’ve had in seven-to-eight months.
Lunch, however, was a fine time. I felt great having my friends around my new dining room table in my new home. Everyone is so appreciative of my home; it makes me feel really good. We had a lovely relaxing time afterwards to chat before Dana and Jane left to catch the ferry home.
DR and Dianne watched movies (I made popcorn) and I kept myself busy with the animals. I loved being so comfortable and casual together.
The progress with Fred and Ethel is excellent! They have explored the whole house now without any concern. Sheba is, if anything, scared of them but I am super pleased with our relationships. I’m very proud of them all, and grateful to them for making our adaptation so easy.
I got some toys that really went over with F & E and I love playing with them. That’s what has brought us together. And I have to brag about my delicious Sheba. This morning she rushed to the door barking so I let her out and she peed right away. I have the best puppy in the world.
Ethel is really friendly. We’re going to have great times together. Fred is incredibly strong. I cannot believe so small a cat can do what he does. He pushed Dianne’s heavy suitcase off the bed and took all its contents out. He can drag the garbage can across the floor easily. He is also clearly a killer. He is fast and a fighter. He can’t be let near birds.
Their long legs allow them to jump and they love to climb. And fast! Holy smokes can they move! And again: They are gorgeous — particularly Freddie.

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