Monday, November 6, 2017

Miss Magnificent and Me

Yesterday, last night and this morning says this puppy owner and his puppy are making progress. We passed a wonderful day together with nary an accident indoors because we walked so often. But the best part was a wonderful night’s sleep side-by-side, me on my bed and she in hers on the floor  — and no accident in the morning!
This morning I woke her and whisked her outdoors before the morning voids. It’s a harsh entry to the day for both of us — from the comfort of our beds to the frost on the deck on my feet.
I love her deeply already and I love having her around. My day starts off so incredibly happy to see her and to be able to play with so cute, warm and happy a friend.
Not only that, this morning there were enough embers in the fire so start today’s inferno easily. It’s like everything is working very well now.
Praise the inventor rawhide bones!
Today is kittie day. Patsy’s coming to get me at 10:45 and we go to fetch Fred and Ethel (still tentative names). Judy came by yesterday afternoon to check the place out and meet Sheba in advance of pet sitting for me today.
Sunday was a bright sunny chilly day. It was terribly pleasant to be able to do as I choose. Of course I choose to walk Sheba a lot. In the afternoon I planted two Maples and moved the Camellia. Sheba wanted to finish eating the Camellia but now she now knows the horror of a passionate horticulturalist screaming, “No.”
I prepped for Jay’s visit for dinner in the afternoon and napped on my chaise longue. Oh my God I love the chaise. It is ideal for reclining.
I still get waves of ecstasy about living here. I love my “enormous” indoor and outdoor spaces and living in a log home. Having a fireplace again is supremely satisfying and so is listening to music here. It’s so quiet I hear every note and syllable.
I made Jay Ottolenghi’s Almost Waldorf salad for us, broccoli, scalloped potatoes and barbequed pork loin and we had bought blueberry pie for dessert with ice cream. We gabbed non-stop and after he left I watched The Durrells in Corfu. I love the show this season as much as last. It sustains like Endeavour and unlike Downton Boring-Abby.
And as I type this post, Miss Magnificent is curled up on my feet having a nap.

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