Thursday, November 9, 2017

Family Ties

I am king of the world. That’s how I feel because we are all making progress as a family. I am having a fantastic day so far (it’s only 6:30 am but I’ve been up for an hour). F & E are all exploring the entire house; I am over-the-moon happy to know we're going to make it! I've no doubt now.
There were embers in the fireplace so I woke to a nice warm home with guests in each guest room and easily reignited the fire. Sheba woke at 3:00, I got up and put on my dressing gown (a new, brilliant and quicker strategy) and took her out for her ablutions and then we went back to bed.
At 5:30 when it was time to get up, out we went again and so there’s been no puppy souvenirs in the house.
And while I lit the fire, and now as I write this post, Fred and Ethel play and explore together; I am thrilled with all I see and experience.
Yesterday was yard work in the morning including lighting a huge bonfire of all the twigs and branches I picked up. Much of the time involved stopping Sheba from digging holes in the yard.
I relocated the F & E from the guest bathroom to a guest room — actually the two guest rooms. They spent the day exploring them both and we had lots of playtime. I realize that I will win them over with play and I love playing with them. They are so stinking cute, like Sheba.
Sheba and I, by the way, are getting married. I am deeply, completely smitten with her; instead of waking up in the morning I wake up and am immediately filled with ecstasy at the sight of her. And then I get to pick her up and we smother each other with affection.
Yesterday, I got four pairs of cozy fluffy wool slippers for guests and they are very popular. Now I can comfortably ask people to take their shoes off.
Dianne and DR arrived as scheduled at 1:30. We came home, got settled and then Di had a nap and DR and I went into town for supplies. We had a really nice comfy visit sitting around — one of them lying on the couch, the other on the chaise and the fire roaring.
I made us dinner, we watched some PBS nature programming and fell asleep in our beds hearing Fred and Ethel banking off the walls playing It.

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