Sunday, November 5, 2017

Finally Chillin'

Sunday morning and it’s -3° outside. Not only do I have the fire roaring, I have the electrical heating on as well.
I’m happy that DST is over because it gets light at 7:00 now instead of eight and I can long-walk Sheba earlier to tire her out. This morning when we went for our walk we passed deep deer footprints in my new garden and my Camelia is gone. I have a feeling vendors will lie about what’s deer-proof.
Today ends my first month on Gabriola. It’s also only my second day of just living here — that’s to say, a day of no essential responsibilities involved with setting up life here. I’ll re-plant my Camelia in a deer-free zone, but that is not a responsibility, it is a pleasure.
Until yesterday, every day’s been full of unpacking, buying stuff, assembling things, installing things and learning how they worked — and hosting guests. There were many days I had to be here to receive things, too but now I feel “permanently” settled (but with a puppy and with two kittens on the way).
It snowed all day Saturday and I loved every second of the day because nothing happened. Nada! And she loves the snow: You can eat it , you can race around in it and you can make it yellow.
We went into town and she was great in the car. It took just three rides for her to adapt. And I was thrilled to know all day that I’d be sleeping in my bed last night (and not on the floor for her).
I made scalloped potatoes for tomorrow’s dinner in the late afternoon and listened to TV. It was just lovely to be cozy and warm with Sheba and I found her a pet sitter for Monday when I go into Nanaimo and for during my upcoming visits to Dr. Shoja.
Today I’ll make my favourite salad and prep for dinner with Jay and I’ll take Sheba on a zillion walks; there’s lots of blue sky.
And I am very happy to say that I’ve not had a moment’s regret about getting a puppy. I’m absolutely fine with all that is demanded of me but as I felt about moving here, I am glad we are starting off together in winter — same with the cats.
I’m indoors in winter and we’ll bond. Once the good weather comes I know I’ll be outside all the time. I can hardly wait to be out in my yard with Sheba at 4:30 am as dawn breaks and it’s warm but right now being together inside is a great way to start a family.

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