Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Sunny Day Overload

From the It Never Rains, It Pours department this news: It’s Halloween (and I have to get stuff in case some gremlins turn up), Peter and Ally are staying here for three nights, Darrell comes this morning to work on the fence, Annie comes to do the roofs, the WETT inspector comes to inspect my chimney and my puppy arrives today.
I made not one of these decisions. I just accepted every request that all these activities happen today.
And me? I go to Vancouver today to see Dr. Shoja whom I have not seen September 26th (after nineteen months of weekly meetings) and to pass my keys to realtor Dwayne because the sale of my condo closes today.
I’ll be very happy when this day is behind me.
Monday was another spectacularly sunny and warm day. By nine am I was gardening.
At 10:30 I went to pick up my new curtains at the post office and after picking them up I drove all the way around the island. The South Road is lovely. It has such beautiful southern exposure and you pass farms and I find farm landscape incredibly soothing. And I was able to check out where I catch my plane this morning to go to Vancouver.
I had lunch, did more gardening, hung my new curtains and did some tidying up before Peter and Ally arrived. The curtains make my place cozier for winter and I like the addition of colour (green) to the house.
Mid-afternoon I had sudden insight into an alternate fencing strategy that I think is much better. I hope to discuss it with Darrell this morning before I leave.  
Waiting for Peter and Ally to arrive last night I had candles lit, my favourite jazz playlist playing, champagne in the cooler and with the new curtains up it looked mighty good in here — at least to my taste. I’m so proud and happy I got some bulbs in and a garden started for me to enjoy come Springtime.
Just before seven I heard a car horn and I ran to the front door.
Ally was adopted, like me, and I think that may be why I am so drawn to her. That, plus she is a particularly warm and wonderful woman. We had such a wonderful hug and, frankly, I hugged her a lot. There are not many people whom I feel comfortable touching, but she is one of them. (They are all women, by the way.)
I had a seizure, we drank champagne and then we went out to the Fireside restaurant for dinner.  Was really hungry and we all liked our food. I’ve now eaten in every eatery on the island except the golf club.
It was right to bed when we got home. I need to be strong to get through today.

New plantings look so lame but in a couple of years I hope
to have a colourful backyard. These are some shots of the
work Paula and I did this weekend. 
This is a side of my yard. My trees are the little coloured
specs under the massive Firs... but in a few years they will
bring glorious colour to my yard.
You know what you can barely see here? Two apple trees.
I planted some tubs outside my outbuildings.
This is the garden I made Monday. It's at the entrance to
my place. It's heather and lavender because deer may not
eat it and there are fifty Narcissus bulbs in it too.

The new curtains up. 

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