Monday, October 16, 2017

Sunday was Marvellous

Sunday was brilliant. The sunshine was brilliant, the spice mix I ground to coat my pork tenderloin was brilliant (thanks John) and having a barbecue and hot tub in the sunshine rounded out an ideal day that ended with the debut episode of season two of The Durrells in Corfu on PBS. I love the show!
I stayed home all day talking to friends on Facetime, sweeping the deck, putting gold stars on my front door, doing the chemical treatments for the hot tub and really enjoying my quiet isolation.
I watched a gentle argument between a Stellar Jay and a Downey Woodpecker. I collected twigs off my property to use as kindling and I found a bucket with which to empty the ashes from my fire pit and fireplace.
Yesterday the birds ate as much food in one day as they’d consumed in the entire week before. I’m going to go broke feeding these magnificent beasties.
And YAY! Today I heard the wild turkeys on the island gobbling. I haven’t seen any yet but I know one day I will. I love that we have them here wandering around island. They make a lot of noise; they are kind of the mascots of the island.
I enjoyed the entire day without any heat on. Logs must make for good insulation!
At four, I was in the hot tub with my wireless speakers outside listening to Rufus Wainwright and Vivaldi.
Today I hope to arrange for my roof and gutters to be cleaned of the billions of fir needles, to get a fluoride filter for my water system and to find a plumber to install the filter and fix my toilet.
And late this afternoon, Amy and Todd (whom I met on the ferry) are coming over for drinks and conversation. (My life of late is more social that I ever would have imagined.)

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