Sunday, October 22, 2017


This morning (Sunday) is looking dreadful outside. Just like yesterday.
When I woke this morning, Leon did not come for cuddling — net even for a conversation so I was worried. That never happens. He’s always the one to wake me — but not this morning. Why? I found out when I came into my living room: At my bedroom door was a dead mouse. I know where it emerged from the cupboards because Leon is fixated on the spot.
Saturday was a classic cold and wet autumn day. Amy came early in the morning and we went to GIRO (the recycling centre) together. It felt great to get rid of all my packing material from the move. And I found a green bin for recycling my organics so all is a go now for my garbage. (I know how excited that may make you.)
I stacked a little wood and prepped the area for more but the weather made the work no fun so I Netflixed in the afternoon  And Annie called. She is going to clean the roof of all my buildings so that’s another thing done. With her and the plumber both booked all my essential tasks are done. My only remaining challenge now is insurance.  
I finally saw the local turkeys strutting about in the pouring rain. They’re huge, wonderfully chatty and gorgeous.
And at the end of the day I went to Jay’s for dinner. What a place and what a guy. He has delicious taste and his house is spectacular — absolutely stupendous. It's perhaps the loveliest place I've seen and he designed it. He has a greenhouse a huge garage with a loft (where my pool table will go) and three hundred hazelnut trees.
And as I was leaving, my friendly Stellar’s Jay demanded food again just like he did yesterday. I could not be happier that I have such a handsome friend.
Tonight: The Durrells on Corfu. Yay.

I found the wig bin at GIRO.

Jay's man den (above and below).

His grand room. Boy is it grand!

Check out that fireplace!
His nut cracker collection. Jay has a hazelnut farm.

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