Wednesday, October 18, 2017


Tuesday was beautiful and warm. I walked around the village and did yard work in my t-shirt. It was particularly lovely because rain had been predicted. The house stayed warm all day with no heat on and when I went into the village, I had the top down.
I emptied the firebox (looking for information for my insurer) and then felt around underneath — a place I would normally have nothing to do with. I felt and pushed and pulled trying to determine why the lever that should be admitting oxygen into the sealed box is not working. My investigation was inconclusive but simply cleaning out the box may have solved the problem.
Then I moved on to the toilet. Me: Trying to fix a toilet. What has happened to the world? I had to buy a pipe wrench to do attempt my repair … that failed. I need a plumber.
However: I have been accepted by a respected GP here, and the dentist, so that’s two ties to Vancouver cut; and I found a lovely store that had flannel pajamas and night gowns so I got my self set for winter evenings by the fire.
Note to self: Marshmallows!
Best of all, tomorrow afternoon I will have access to mail. I’m all signed up and ready to go; I have my postbox keys.
I’m packed for tomorrow. I’m taking two large bags full of garbage back to my old address to put in the trash there because I have way too much from the move for the local garbage. But that will allow me to operate henceforth with the curbside service.  
I ended my productive afternoon in the hot tub. And after that, Leon and I enjoyed Netflix by the fire in my new pajamas and robe. Yum!

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