Thursday, October 12, 2017

Wednesday and Thursday: Progress

One guest bedroom. 

Wednesday’s Diary
So far every “rainy” day is highly periodic; there are gloomy dark wet times and then the sun breaks through the light is delicious — especially on the Fir and Hemlock trees because every needle shines bright due to the raindrops on them. It’s stunning.
I also can’t believe how gorgeous and big the Pileated Woodpeckers are. All my life I’ve wanted to see one (because of Woody). Now I see one every day.
The Telus man, Barry, was diligent with his instruction due to his delicate and warm question about my health. He wanted me to know that there are two-to-three day power failures often so I got some kerosene lamps and oil. The good news: Challenges don’t unsettle me one bit. I’ve a fireplace and I’ve got an emergency freezer in the workshop into which to transfer food. It’ll keep well there. The freezer won’t work but it’ll keep my food cool.
I sorted and tidied the loft where I threw everything I didn’t want in my living space and I tidied up all the closets. I know where everything is now; everything has its place. “Yum,” said Mr. OCD.
Everyday I walk Leon outside. One day I will let him go on his own but it may not be for quite a while.
In the afternoon I went into the village and on the way home as I passed the llama farm I was just gobsmacked by the way the afternoon sunlight lights up the forest. And I love where I turn onto Buttercup. It’s in a lovely little valley pasture with majestic yellowing Lombardi poplars. I want one on my property.
I was really smart to move here. I love having all day every day to myself. Before PTSD took over I was a social person but now I absolutely thrive in solitude. That’s not to say I won’t love visitors — I will! But moving here was a brilliant decision.
When I was in the village, I bought an axe. Me! I’ve wood coming and I’m going to be chopping kindling. I inherited a nice little stack of wood with the house.
In the afternoon, I had my first solo naked hot tub. Yes!
And talk about eating better — boy am I eating well. I’m lovin’ it and proud of myself. The grocery store sells locally grown vegetables and once I’m finished my endless duties I plan to visit the many farms to see what they sell on site.
I had a salad of local lettuce and cooked some sirloin on the barbecue. I love it here.

About Thursday
Today was my first free day. I did not have to stay here for an installer or delivery so I decided to go into Nanaimo to get a fridge and a phone and curtain rods and a microwave charger and and and… The tasks never stop. Worse: I have to research what store to go to and learn where it is and how to get there.
I left here at 9:15 am for the 10:10 ferry. I was the second car past the sign that said: Cars beyond this point will have a one sailing wait.” But I got on. My cell was at 4%. So many things to learn!
I’d never heard of Lowe’s but I found it quite easily. It’s feckin’ huge! The ceilings must be ten meters. 
I bought the fridge but I won’t get it for a couple of weeks and I have to hire a mover to pick it up and deliver it. I also have to hire the mover to pick up and remove the old one and deliver it to a site in Nanaimo so I’ve written to my realtor to complain in hopes of some financial compensation from the vendor.
When I got home it gave me a thrill to plug in my phone. I called Dwight and Bruce in Vancouver and both Patsy and Jay, my fellow islanders; Patsy’s taking me to the recycling centre on the island on Saturday morning.
To cover my windows now that I’ve taken all the blinds down, I’ve ordered green velvet curtains.
I’ve seen three liquor stores and not a single church.
I decided to burn some paper that had wrapped my steak and when I opened the firebox I decided to try and clean the glass. It was black so the flames were visible as deep, deep red. It was hard work but its crystal clear now and I actually see a normal fire and it’s just thrilling — well that’s me. I love seeing the fire.
I barbequed my dinner; I’m finally cooking with gas.
I put together one guest room. I can’t really do up the other one until I get the furniture store where I bought all my stuff to answer an email or text about a missing part. The footboard never arrived.
I last saw Dr. Shoja on September 26th. I found out today that there’s no afternoon room in her schedule until November 20th.  When I go back, I doubt I’ll be going back to weekly visits. I’m sure we’ll be talking about our future so I’ll leave my mind open until that discussion.

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