Sunday, October 29, 2017

The Big Plant

I rose yesterday morning to a flood of tears.  
I lit the fire and tidied up while Paula slept in.
At 9:00 Paula was up. I made her breakfast and then Darrell arrived to pour concrete into his new fence postholes. And Kelly arrived at 9:30 for a really lovely visit. Then Kelly and Darrell left and Paula and I went into the village and bought a whack of lavender, seven trees, a couple of outdoor gardenia (that are quite hardy) and some scented azaleas to plant in my yard.
Then we had lunch at The Kitchen. It was delicious and fun and Paula got to see some of our village. And when we came home, we started planting trees after which we enjoyed a lovely hot tub together. Paula was like me: Uninterested. But when she saw how much I enjoyed it, in she got. We had a late dinner in our jammies and watched Grand Design shows.
At one point, I opened the front door and found a basket from Patsy who read about Leon’s passing. It had delicious soup, scones and an apple for us to share. I love it here.
Another good thing happened too: Out of the blue I got an email saying a WETT inspector was coming to inspect my fireplace. I may be on my way to having home insurance. What a struggle it’s been.
On impulse and overcome with sadness about Leon, I wrote to a cat breeder in Comox about the availability of kittens. He’s just had a litter and so I’ve requested one female and one male, one dark and one light; they arrive until Christmastime. Plants and animals: That’s why I moved here.
Finally, we turned in after a great day. By 10:30 my speech was shot. I hadn’t spent all day with someone for ages and my tongue was a knot. I said goodnight to Paula and went into my room and cried my eyes out.
This morning, Paul and I are meeting Jay and Kelly for breakfast at Robert’s — another first for me. Then Kelly and her brother Jay come to deconstruct the pool table, Paula goes home and I keep working on planting around the yard.
This morning I got up and going without a massive cry but my God I miss him.

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