Friday, October 13, 2017

Week One Done

Tonight’s dinner will mark the end of my first week on Gabriola. I’ve a lot to celebrate. And today will be, as is fair, a day to rest. I’ve sure earned it. I will putter at things for my enjoyment but I feel no pressing task before me.
I’ve still a shitload of things to do but they’re all non-urgent and I can slow my pace. It will not truly end for quite a while my desires will soon focus on the yard and, in particular, the studio. Now that my house feels like home I’m ready to get the studio up and running.
To do that I have to lose the stunning pool table so one thing I may do today is uncover it for the first time and see what I can learn about the brand. And I’ll photograph it for the advertisement I make with which to sell it.
(Dwight and John were super interested in the vintage VW van that was on my property but it’s been removed and is parked outside a nearby house. Dwight’s pissed.)
This morning I discovered the Gabriola Island website and read The Sounder, the local weekly newspaper. It’s new for me to actually have an interest in the news — our local news and to want to read a newspaper. It’s wonderfully old world.
Against all odds, I found some antique metal stars I once bought. I want to gild them and apply them to my front door. Even though I’ve moved to the island I’m still gay. And I established my reputation at the government liquor store by buying six ½ liters of Veuve Clicquot. Now my wine cellar is full. Hello hot tub happy hour!
I’m getting some compensation for the crap fridge and that feels good.
It’s a beauty day today. There are some clouds but lots of blue sky and sunshine. It’s so bloody beautiful here when it’s sunny. I just can’t get over how the tree trunks shine and glimmer like icons.
There’s over a year’s worth of fir needles on my roof and in my gutters so I’ve started trying various roofers to get them cleaned. Once done, I will clean my water cisterns and start collecting rainwater for the gardens I intend to plant in Spring.
The BIG THRILL of the day so far (it’s 11:30 am) is that I drove my car into the workshop through the lovely white French doors so my car will have a nice dry place to spend the winter. It’s a huge relief because my little Fiat is a convertible.
This first day of leisure is going brilliantly.

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