Friday, October 6, 2017

I'm Gone (for a while)

Goodbye. I’m signing off from Vancouver and I won’t be posting here again until Tuesday when I’ll begin posting from Gabriola! Yay!
My last day as a Vancouver resident began this morning at 5:00 am. I enjoyed the calm before the movers arrived at eight. And then it began….
It took a little less than two hours to get everything out and then the team went to the Rosewood warehouse to get up all my new furniture. Now I’m condemned to exist in an (almost) empty condo.
The buyer of my place took my bed and dining room table so at least I have them — and my Internet connection still works but I’m sitting on an inverted garbage can for a chair. At least I have my bed to sleep on here tonight and the table to use for a reading surface.
Tonight it’s early to bed so I rise bright and early tomorrow morning for the ferry rides to Gabriola.
Yesterday was all about home insurance.
BCAA rejected me and I walked out of place #2 in a bad mood. Both places rejected me because I wanted to insure a log cabin that was Canadian-made. But they were willing to insure Lindal Cedar log cabins that are American made. I was pissed, to be frank, so I contacted the builders and found an agency that will likely charge the earth but I’ll have insurance. I expect to be purchasing a policy later today.
Todd is coming to Gabriola alone. Hudson decided not to come but Todd’s fine with his son’s decision. He’s also very excited about us having three days together. We love to cook and he’s very keen to get my fireplace and hot tub running. I feel so blessed in his company; he’s a lot like Dwight in character.
Me: Hot tub: Log cabin: Fireplace; Studio. Pinch me!
Guests are lining up. There’s Todd, of course, this weekend. Then Bruce and Caryn come Oct. 26th for the day and Ally and Peter are coming October 30th to stay for two or three days. It’s like when I moved to Nice. When you move to idyllic places, people come to visit.

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