Saturday, October 21, 2017

I Feed (the) Jay; Jay Feeds Me

It’s a really nasty day today butt yesterday was fabulous.  
Yeseterday began with a sorting and culling of all my business tchotchkes: My staples, zillions of pens, markers and pencils, clips, bands, sticky things, labels, my paper — everything. I organized and compartmentalized everything.
I had three drawers in my office area — one quite big — into which I’d dumped all my office supplies and other miscellaneous stuff — everything I didn’t know what to do with when I moved in. Sorting everything and establishing order was a delight to do; part of the process was clearing one drawer out so it could house the “paid bills” I’ve yet to find.
I went to the store for some baking supplies and when I came back a Stellar Jay was squawking like mad at me — and not from far away. He kept it up until I filled my bird and suet feeders and he flew over to watch me as I did it. I loved the whole thing.
I made sugar cookies (with large grained sugar and gold flakes) for Amy who came to help me stack wood (bless her). And then, because it’s so bloody easy, I barbequed my lunch; using the BBQ and the woodstove for heat means my electrical bills won’t be too high.
The wood arrived late so Amy and I sorted all my plastic wrap, bubble wrap and Styrofoam from the move into distinct bags and then we loaded them into Amy’s truck. She’s coming back in the morning to help me stack some wood and then we’re going to take the sorted plastics to the recycling centre together.
Amy is such a treat. I’m so lucky to have met her. Like everyone here, she’s been remarkably helpful and such great company.
The wood is beautiful dry Fir. I ordered two more cords as soon as I saw it and then barbequed my dinner.
Have I mentioned that I’m in heaven here? Although I had a 700 Sq. ft. condo, I really lived in a tiny space because my hallway, office, bedroom and my ladies took up so much space. My cabin here on Gabriola feels like a castle in comparison. I keep the guest rooms cool. Why heat them? So I moved my wine cooler into one of them. It will use less energy there.
Bruce and Caryn come to visit this week and it seems likely that Dwight and family will come here to celebrate my 70th birthday with me. I’m really excited about that. And last night Jay called to ask me to dinner tonight. I’m certainly not lonely on Gabriola.

My Gold and Sugar Cookies

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