Friday, October 20, 2017

Insurance Hell

Thursday was a great day!
First of all, I found my favourite pen. It was in the most unexpected place — in a box full of cat food. I’d reconciled myself to losing it but now I have it — and all my Xacto knives! Now I have to find all my bill receipts for this past year. I’ve no idea where they are: One step forward: another back.
However, I finished putting my second guest bed and bedroom together and I assembled the curtain rods for the living and dining room curtains that are on their way.
Then, at 11:00 am, Amy came to fetch me to go for a walk on the Yogi circuit with Clarence, a huge white poodle, and Ginger, a tiny, hairy cutie-pie. It was a gorgeous walk through wet forest (but it wasn’t raining) to the beach — the beach where the sandstone caves are. And then we went to Surf Lodge for lunch.
And WOW! Surf Lodge! I stayed there in in the fifties with the Tyrells. It’s former magnificent living room that once was full of comfy couches and oversized chairs where people played card games and Crokinole is now a live performance venue —totally devoid of furniture.
But it’s a superlative place for a meal — not for the food, but for the view and the atmosphere. (See the photos below.) People gather on their patio for sunsets in summer. I think it’s the perfect place for me to take guests for dinner.
It was a truly lovely afternoon.
When I got home I got an email about my home insurance. I’m required to have a WETT certified inspector assess my woodstove and its installation. To make the inspection, I have to quote a serial number and installation date off the firebox label that no noe can find — not me, not Todd and not the building inspector.
The WETT inspector I spoke with suggested taking down the chimney. I thought he was kidding but he wasn’t. “You can’t get insurance without that information.” I cannot face that right now so I may choose to live without insurance. What would you do?
On the good news front: My wood is coming today. Two cords. And… I’ve got mail! I opened my mailbox for the first time yesterday. And … I got a New Yorker addressed to my Gabriola address! Yay! Plus: I’ve got a date with a plumber here to get my guest bathroom fixed and my fluoride filter installed.
Finally, yesterday, Leon discovered the fireplace. He now has a favourite place to sleep and I’m happy to say that it’s safe because I cleaned it and figured out how to work its flue.
There’s not a single traffic light on this whole island.

Ginger (small), Clarence and Amy.
I want some of this shiny lovely plant in my garden. It
Grows everywhere and I want a garden of local plants.
Arbutus (Madrona) bark
There are many little grassy pastures along the trail and
I find them to be stunning. The soft low moss cover make
them so welcoming to the eye.
Sandstone is everywhere.
My favourite sculptural fence form.

Rock acne.

Arbutus/Madrona bark. Arbutus grows everywhere.
Surf Lodge main room — the former living room.
The Surf Lodge dining room.
This was my view at lunch. I love this place.
Leon, post discovery of fire heat.

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Gabriola just got a whole lot more fabulous now that Chris has moved in!