Friday, October 27, 2017

A FUN Visit

I cried myself to sleep last night. The tears diet continues...
At 4:30 the vet called. She’s calling back today once she talks to a radiologist about a shape on the x-ray she thinks may be a tumor. Then she started talking about euthanasia — not in a cold or mean way, in a compassionate way. Still, the word felt like a stab in the heart.
However, the rest of the day was a delight. Bruce and Caryn arrived shortly after eleven-thirty. Patsy came at noon. And I had Skype on so that our friend Beth in TO could join us digitally for a while. I could not have wished for a nicer day for their visit.
I loaded the bird feeders so my guests would see my avian menagerie and they were treated to a diverse avian frenzy. Caryn particularly loved the birds.
It all went so quickly though. Caryn and Bruce had to leave just after 2:00 to catch the ferry back to Vancouver Island to carry on to Denman Island where they were going to stay with our friends Bill and Marsha. Their departure broke up the party.
Bruce and Caryn hadn’t seen my place before. They liked it; the sunshine, of course, made it shine. And they watched Leon outside exploring while I did my final prepping for lunch. Sadly my speech was pretty dreadful. I had a lot of difficulty speaking whilst my friends — good and trusted friends — were here. No one cared except me.
My speech, right now, is as bad as it’s ever been. There’s been absolutely no improvement. However, I understand why and know far better, the kinds of things and places to avoid. Patsy, for example, wanted me to join her at the fireworks for Halloween that the firefighters here host. But that’s impossible.
After they left I went to the garden store and ordered two yards of topsoil and a Vine Maple tree to plant inside my new fence. They come this morning and so does Darrell to start the fence. Meanwhile, I go to the local notary’s place to sign papers that will close the sale of my condo.
Back to Leon: He’s clearly slowly passing. He won’t eat and his passion for grass makes me think the vet is right. It’s like he’s trying to throw up whatever it is we saw on the x-ray. But when I cuddle his frail body, he purrs. I feel as long as he’s sleeping and purring in my arms, life is worthwhile for him.
Late today, I’m heading to Nanaimo to fetch Paula who’s coming for the weekend.

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