Saturday, October 14, 2017

A Social Network

Friday was my best day on Gabriola so far.
In Vancouver I loved every sunny day. I loved the feel of the sun on my skin and the vistas from the seaside of the ocean and mountains. Here I see no vistas; all I see is trees and the pasture that lights up my soul every time I pass it where Buttercup meets North Road.
I feel privileged and thrilled to live so close to a pasture. It’s just one of the most soothing sights for me — as is a log cabin.
I delighted in doing little things like securing a screen that was freestanding, lowering some artwork and driving into town for lunch with a New Yorker and to check my cell phone for messages.
While I was in town I saw a store called Home and Garden so I decided to go in for a look-see. And guess what! They have fridges!! Who knew? So I came home and wrote to cancel my order with Lowe’s that required that I hire a courier to pick it up, bring it here and to remove the old fridge. The store here delivers so I hope to save myself considerable time and money.
And I heard from Brandon, the wood guy. Soon I’ll have two cords of wood and lots of stacking and chopping to do.
And get this: Yours truly bought a generator today. That’s way more butch than an axe. I saw some in Home and Garden and bought one, some oil for it, two ten-liter gas cans and gasoline. Now I’ve no concern about three-day power failures. Me, a generator owner?!
And when I came out of the store, someone called my name. It was Amy whom I’d met on the ferry so we have a date together on Monday. It was a joy to see her; she was so enthusiastic about seeing me and getting together. That was nice.
And Jay came over for drinks around five and he brought me flowers (yay), kindling and wood.  How sweet is that? And between his surprise visit, Amy’s proposal for a get-together and my date with Patsy this morning to go to the recycling place and see her home, I feel like my social life has started here.
Last night Leon and I relaxed but he didn’t get any lemon meringue pie.

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