Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Goodbye Frani

Tuesday was a decent day. I spent the morning finishing the newsletter for the clinic and making notes to take to Dyan for my afternoon meeting with her. And the monologue festival wrote, when they acknowledged my submission, that they would be contacting all submitters with their decisions within a week of the closing date for submissions (Nov. 30th). So, I should be hearing very soon if I am in or out.

My meeting with Dyan did not go as planned. We did not talk about the future of communications, we talked the entire time about the newsletter, and Nancy joined us on Zoom. I learned a lot. Dyan is one smart president, but now I know that Nancy is the boss. Dyan defers to her, and Nancy demands control—mot because of ego, but because her knowledge and background make her the logical leader. I came home with a ton of work to do.

Doug came to fix my generator. The problem was my fault. Doug has taught me how to avoid the problem from happening again. We will have no power from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm all day today and tomorrow, so I’m glad the generator is fixed.

The worst part of the day was emailing with Frani, the friend who is full of compassion and concern for her husband who has Parkinson’s disease, a horrid neurological disorder, and judgement and criticism for me; she feels my neurological condition is fake and insignificant. 

She wrote to me on my birthday. It’s the first I’ve heard from her since her tirade last February, and our first contact since. I replied to her birthday email by telling her how much she’s hurt me. She proposed moving on and agreeing to disagree. She wants to hold on to her ignorant and cruel point of view, so I’m saying thanks but no thanks to her. We’ll move onto separate paths. But it hurts, it really hurts to lose a friendship that lasted five decades and filled my life with joy.

This is not a great time in my life. I’m hurtin’ over Frani and clinic relations are challenging. Thank God for my pets and friends who don’t judge me and my condition.

Today and tomorrow are to be days without power.

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