Sunday, December 25, 2022

The Thaw!

While everything thawed outside and the snow slowly disappeared yesterday, I spent the rest of the day indoors. I baked some biscuits for our dinner tonight, but most of the day was spent by the fire with Guido. I did no clinic work, and HH and I only walked once because it was raining for so much of the day.

This morning, I was up early as usual and, as I always do, I turned on the radio to listen to the CBC. But I was put off by all the Christmas music. I particularly hate the songs about Jesus. In my old age, I am increasingly intolerant of many things, but the glut of Christian songs really bothers me. Today will pass and tomorrow I’ll be happy that this season is over for another year.

I did all my morning chores and then fetched my book and glasses to install myself by the fire to read, and no sooner was I comfortable than I had a Christmas seizure. It was a doozy, too. But I’m an optimist, so I looked forward to not having another for quite a while.

I’m at home today, reading. Late in the afternoon, I’ll go to Dan and Steve’s for dinner and then I’ll come home, back to my sanctuary for an entire week with not a single thing in my calendar. (I will have to do my clinic work!)

I hope you, my dear readers, have THE BEST of holidays with friends and family, good food and good health. 

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