Monday, December 12, 2022

Good Weather Coming

Sunday was a normal Winter day. Overcast, warmish and damp on the ground, it wasn’t as bitterly cold as it was for quite a while after the storm that blew out our communications. I read a lot; I’m very satisfied with Dona Leon and her Guido. I’m conscious of the miracle of the day, so comfortable by the fire and blessed with pets and home. 

The yard of Pinecone Park is a horror. There are two storms-full of crap spread all over and one really big branch that I’ll reduce by chain saw. I might do some cleaning up when the good weather comes, but I don’t see the point. More storms are surely coming.

I’ve hit a technical snag with the newsletter and sending it to the board has brought in sniggly little things that frustrate me. I think Dyan will reject much of it. It’s her call. But the newsletter will go out this week, one way or another. First time use of the software for me, so a source of anxiety. But it’s a great newsletter.

I’ve invited Kev, his wife Shelly, my faithful friends who’s helped me through many a crisis since I moved here (Shelly moved in here when I had my heart attack and looked after my pets and the gardens.) for games night this coming week. I’m going to get pizza so I don’t have to do a lot of preparation, spending some of the tax windfall I got. And I’ve asked Dave and Ursula from next door to join us. We all like playing games; it’s going to be games and pizza night at Pinecone Park.

Once the newsletter goes out, a Christmas letter goes out. The Foundation now has a voice. I am like a ventriloquist dummy, speaking the mind of Dyan and Nancy. As I’ve said before, this is why I joined. To get the clinic communicating to us islanders. Next, I take the individual items of the newsletter—all approved text—and feed it out slowly on our Facebook page. We’re here baby!

But now that we’re up and running as a communications team, we have worked out the kinks, and I have learned the software I need to know to bring all our communication ambitions to fruition. With the newsletter launched, I think my learning curve has apexed. Now we go into a smooth operational future. Dyan is only the second President in the history of the Foundation. She takes the chair for the first time this coming Thursday. 

Today is predicted to be a bright and sunny one. It was a balmy 3° at 5:30 this morning. The entire week ahead is supposed to be good weather, so I may get some cleaning up done in the yard. It all depends on how things go with the clinic and the newsletter.

Rainbow caves form when the sun shines
through red fungus growing on the thin
layer of ice covering the cave.

Flying Duck Orchids

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