Monday, December 26, 2022


Hurray! It’s over for another year!

Sunday was slow, quiet and ended very well. I had not one call all day and no emails. That was unusual, but not at all problematic. I went for a long walk between rainfalls with Her Highness, and then came home to read and even watch a bit of television. I had the radio off to prevent me from hearing anymore insipid Christmas music.

At 5:00, I went to Dan’s and Steve’s place with Sheba. They have a labradoodle named Dakota who gets along very well with Her Highness. I was glad to do something social and to have a conversation with my two fabulous friends. I had a really good time last night. Our dog walking groups stopped when the snow came, so I’ve been really solitary for quite a while.

I’m on my seventh Guido book and so far, I’ve found 4 errors. It’s shocking and disappointing. I think the publisher (Grove Press, a publishing house with a proud history) lets down the author when mistakes are as frequent as I’m encountering in this series. I’ve found out how to write to Donna Leon; I wish I’d kept track of the location of the errors so that I could write to her and tell her how Grove has let her down.

This morning it’s an incredible 13°. It’s positively balmy and the sky is clear. I lit a nice big fire anyway because the damp makes even this balmy morning feel chilly. Her Highness and I will enjoy our walk this morning because it’s so warm and bright, all the snow is gone. And for the rest of the day, it’ll be domestic chores, a long leisurely spa and reading.

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