Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Deep Cold!

We had a monstrous snowfall Monday night. Yesterday morning, there were 36 cms of accumulated snowfall at 8:00 am when I went out to clean the snow off the car in hopes of reaching the dog salon. I was dreading the drive as I walked to the car in a narrow path that I made by dragging a garbage pail behind me as I walked to the car the first time. What an Autumn we’ve had! First the storm that wiped out our phones, Internet and power. And now this, a second and nasty snowfall. And Winter hasn’t even started yet.

But bless my heavy car, its reasonably new tires and the hearty folk who clear the roads. It was a bit of a challenge getting out of my little neighbourhood and onto North Road, but once I was on the major road, things went quite well. Sarah was very relieved to see me arrive at the salon.

Then I drove back, stopping to get some groceries since I was passing through the village. The trees are laden with snow. It’s amazing when driving or walking, to suddenly be in a blizzard as mountains of soft dry snow blows off the branches and fills the air creating a white out.

I wasn’t home for long. I tidied up in case Nancy makes it here for our meeting, and then I went back to the dog parlor to fetch Her Highness. By the time I got home, I wanted to stay out of the car and off the roads until the weekend when the rain comes. I’ve plenty of food and lots to read, so the week should be a nice slow gentle one.

Nancy called and cancelled. I thought and hoped she might. I had lots of clinic work to do for Dyan, and after that, I wanted to get myself beside the fire with Guido. As soon as I finished the Christmas letter from Dyan to members, Guido and I got comfortable. I am really enjoying the books.

It snowed all day, but just tiny little dry snowflakes. The accumulation for the day was nothing compared to what fell Monday night. Still, kelt getting deeper and deeper through the day and night, and it is likely to snow all day again today.

With all the snow, I am kept very busy by the birds. Scores and scores of them are at my feeders all day. I refill the feeders each morning and again mid-afternoon. I’m so happy to provide them with the nutrition they need to stay healthy through this cold weather. Sparrows, Finches, Towhees, Flickers and Thrushes abound. I love them all.

It is currently -10°, I cannot remember it every being this cold here before. It’s rather horrid cold in the night. All the animals stick close by me through the night, and they huddle ‘round the fire in the morning. All of us want the fire, first thing. We won’t walk much at all today. It’s just too cold and it’s still snowing, but the flakes re teeny weenie and so there’s not much of additional depth to the snow on the ground. I shall stay fireside all day with Guido. 

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