Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Slow Days

Monday night was incredible. We had biblical rain. The house was noisy from the sound of rain pounding down on my metal roof. I love going to bed with that sound. We haven’t really had much rain at all since Spring 2022. Summer was long, hot and dry, and Autumn was almost devoid of rain except for one huge storm—the one that took out our communications cable—and then the recent snowstorm.

It's expected to be a very wet and mild week, but today has dawned with a clear sky. It’s errie out there, we’ve bright blue sky but fog lingering in the forest giving me a view of giant trees in a milky blue haze. It’s beautiful. My walk this morning with Her Highness and our friends will be a fun one because it is so beautifully mild.

Tuesday was a day of heavy clinic work. I got the Christmas letter to our members ready to send out to our members, and I got a very good start on all the ads I must do for the campaign. It felt good to get the work done. The ads I’ll finish with Nancy tomorrow afternoon. Today will be gentle. I got all the work done for the clinic that I can do without Nancy’s help, so today I’ll read and putter around the house.

I am late posting today because I kept myself busy until 2:00 with clinic stuff. 

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