Tuesday, December 13, 2022

My Dull Life

Monday was bright and sunny. I had to go into the automotive garage for a follow-up to the work I had done a week ago. And then I went for a walk with my little group, before coming home to await clearance to send out our first clinic newsletter. While I waited, Guido and I got together by the fire. Three of his books down, 27 to go.

The newsletter will go out tomorrow. That is Dyan’s decision. It is all ready for delivery. I sent it to all eight board members, and they are happy with it. Thursday is our first board meeting with Dyan in the chair. 

Today will be much busier than yesterday. I have clinic Zoom meeting at 1:00 and an in-person meeting with the doctor recruitment committee at 5:00 (with pizza). It’s cloudy, damp and cool today, so I’ll be reading a lot as well as going into the village to shop. I love, on these cool, dark days, to read by the fire. All the animals surround me. They love the fire too!

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