Friday, December 23, 2022

Running Water

HH and I didn’t walk yesterday morning. I stayed inside, but Sheba went out a few times. She never ever leaves the yard, except on the occasional foray into the Dave and Ursula’s next door. She can do her ablutions and then come back inside to be close to the fire. We did so a tour of the neighbourhood in the afternoon in full crampons and artic ski jacket. It was the coldest day I can ever remember experiencing here in the Pacific Northwest.

I did nothing but read and nap. I did not write to the kind souls who sent cards to me. I did not get started on my clinic work. I was self-indulgent all day. I have long ignored Christmas and I feel no desire to party on New Year’s either. This year, though, has been the best December for me in decades. I had no blues this year at all.

This morning felt positively balmy at -4°. Thursday morning, it was -15° outside. Tomorrow, it is predicted to start raining and rain is predicted for every day of the ensuing week. That’s more like our normal Winter. This cold is not at all normal.

I shall aim to write to those who sent me cards today, to thank them. And, of course, I’ll read by the fire, but I’ll also go into the village to do some shopping. I desperately need bird seed; the birds have been going through two feedings a day during this snow. I regularly have 40-50 birds flitting around my feeders. It’s a beautiful sight.

I felt so, so incredibly lucky to discover I had a well that never runs dry. I started planning gardens everywhere without knowing about how blessed I was to have a deep well. Merrill and Leo have a well, but they must buy water every few months. Well, now I have another thing to be grateful for: I seem to have a freezing-resistant water system. Our Gabriola Facebook page is full of people seeking advice and/or assistance for their frozen water pipes. 

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