Thursday, December 22, 2022

-15° Killer Cold!

Wednesday was cold! But it didn’t snow very much thank God. Luckily, I bought myself some crampons a while back, so I wore them on my nice tall gumboots, so my feet stayed dry, and I felt very secure walking on the road with Her Highness. 

I read by the fire for part of the morning, had lunch and then at 1:00 Nancy came by to work on ads for our Doctor recruitment campaign; we were hard into it until 4:30! Now that I understand so much more about the Foundation and its politics, I am getting along with Nancy extremely well and I could not be happier. We achieved a great deal together yesterday.

At the end of the day, yesterday, there were patches of blue sky. We’re not expecting snow today or tonight, but we are tomorrow and then Saturday it’s predicted to warm up and rain.

Nancy left just in time for me to watch Volodymyr Zelenskyy address the US Congress. I was in tears watching him. I adore him. He gives me faith in politicians. To see him entre the Congress in his green sweatshirt amidst all the excess of the Americans in the room, moved me deeply. What a man. What a glorious man he is. And his reception was wonderful to behold, the members of Congress were very generous with their cheers and applause.

When I got up this morning, it was dark, stars twinkled overhead ,and it was fucking freezing. It was -15° and the house was really cold. Oh my God, it was cold. I lit the fire right away, but it takes a couple of hours for the big open room of my house to warm up. Hence, my love of reading by the fire where I stay cozy warm.

I’m not going out there today. I am in for the day with Guido, but I may do some clinic work as well. It’s gloriously sunny, so HRH and I will do a short walk around the block, but no more. 

And, yay! Tonight, I watch 2 more episodes of Three Pines.

I have a ton of clinic work to do for Nancy. I will likely not do any at all today. I want to stay close to the fire. We’ll walk and I’ll definitely be wearing my crampons and using my artic ski jacket that is toasty warm no matter how cold it gets, and I’ll wear a scarf around my face to keep the bitter cold off my skin.

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