Monday, December 19, 2022


At 4:00 in the afternoon it really started snowing. Billions and billions of tiny flakes of snow fell through air smokey blue with fog, and it started getting very dark. I was glad of the fire and having lots of food in the fridge so I’ve no need to drive into the village tomorrow. But I did have to pick up Peter and Ali at 4:30 to drive them to the ferry. They are off to Mexico for 7 weeks. In the true spirit of Christmas, I hope they get diarrhea. 

The rat seems to have found a way out of the house. There was no sign of it yesterday. I didn’t see him ever, whereas I saw him several times on Friday and Saturday, and the cats slept all day. They obsessed on the rat all day on Saturday. They can hear and smell him, but they were entirely their sleepy daytimes selves yesterday.

The cold and the snow had me feeling thoroughly enjoyable, so cozy and warm by the fire, and absorbed by my books. Fred, Ethel and even Sheba stayed close by me, sharing in the warm glow of the fire. When I took Pete and Ali to the ferry, once we arrived at the village, there was no snow on the ground or falling. Meanwhile, there was a blizzard at Pinecone Park. HH and I came home to spend a nice warm night together in front of the telly. 

Whoa! The snowfall that began late yesterday afternoon went on late into the night and we have about 13 centimeters of snow on the ground. I don’t know if my friends will want to walk this morning. I certainly don’t want to do much at all today. It’s going to be a cold white week; more snow is predicted for today and tomorrow. Rain is predicted for the weekend, thank God.

My plan is to stay inside today with Guido and to keep the fire roaring.

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