Thursday, December 15, 2022

A Bad Launch

 The newsletter went out. It was an imperfect launch. 

I sent a draft of the newsletter to the board last Friday to give everyone a chance to comment on it. Unfortunately, I did it in a way that ‘froze’ it; all the corrections I did to it from feedback from the board members were not saved. I thought they were saved, and so I sent out the newsletter with mistakes in it. I was gutted all day yesterday and want to move to Greenland. I have a board meeting today and wonder if I’ll be flogged. I feel I have let the board members’ down and damaged their trust in me. Yesterday was not at all a good day; my symptoms came on with a vengeance.

I wrote a heartfelt apology to the board and got very kind and understanding comments back from almost everyone. Still, a day that I thought would be full of pride and joy became a day of disaster. Her Highness and I went for long healing walks in nature.

I was upset all day and thought mostly of Greenland and escape, but then I realized that I was half-way through December and, aside from clinic angst, I was feeling mighty fine. This may be the first December in half a century that is passing without any depression at all. December has always been a challenge in my adult life, but not this year. So, I decided, I can handle this little crisis of failure and carry on.

Once the board meeting is done, I’ll spend the remainder of the day tidying, cleaning and reading. Tomorrow night, Kevin, Shelly, David and Ursula are coming over for pizza and a night of playing Tile Rummy (a game I love to play). I really like all four of these neighbours, so I’m looking forward to their company.

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