Saturday, December 24, 2022


Well … At 10:00am yesterday, I gave myself a Winter thrill. For the first time ever, since I’ve had my van, I used the remote to start the car long before Her Highness and I ventured out to get into it and to the village for some groceries. It was superb to get into a warm car with de-iced windows.

The first thing I noticed about the day, yesterday, was how mild it felt after the incredibly cold day that was Thursday. When I went out for wood, just after 6:00 am, it was shockingly mild. Then, when Sheba and I drove into the village, it started raining. Yes, raining! Big drops of rain, not ice pellets as predicted, but rain, lovely snow-melting rain. Hurrah!

I watched Mary Berry’s Christmas special on PBS, and so I got supplies with which to make Stilton and sage canapés to take to Dan and Steve’s place tomorrow night.

I should buy a lottery ticket. First, I ‘get a nice healthy tax refund, and today I won a $100 gift certificate for Save On Foods. I got it for participating in a medical research study about surgical experiences. Woo hoo. I’m monetizing my diagnoses. 

I’ve got to get started on the clinic work I need to do for the campaign. I’ve quite a few ads that I have to create and place in medical online job boards. And I have to learn how to title clinic files and then rename a lot of my historical files. We’re centralizing a digital library. I was talking at length with Paula on Zoom and I got us onto the subject of my work with the clinic, and Paula started asking me questions. As I answered them, I realized how much I have learned in my volunteering with the clinic.

It's amazing to hear rain landing on my metal roof. When I went out for wood this morning, I walked to the shed in slush; much of the snow is gone. And I wasn’t hurrying like mad. It’s only 2°, but it feels terribly mild compared to the other morning (-15°). When I took Sheba walking, I enjoyed the warmth of the day and didn’t even mind walking in rain because it was so warm. I got soaking wet but didn’t care at all. Besides, I had the fire to come home to.

Today, I’ll make appies to take to Dan and Steve’s tomorrow. I might do some clinic work, and I’ll definitely spend time with Guido. I’m about to start book #7; I have 23 left to read. Hurray! I ordered 7 books—another mystery series, this time by Jean-Luc Bannalec (the pen of Jörg Bong). This series is set in Brittany. Back to France when I'm done in Venice.

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