Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Corporate Suicide?

The money quote:
Why should we boycott Burger King just because they are avoiding their US tax responsibilities? Because if they don't pay their fair share of US taxes, someone else has to, and that someone is you. Total government spending is not going to change because Burger King moves offshore, only the tax burden will shift to others, namely you.
Make no mistake, Burger King is still going to use the services of the US government, they just aren't going to pay for them. Their delivery trucks will still run on our aging highway system. Their shipments will still arrive at our ports. Their products and sourcing of food staples overseas will still be inspected by the FDA. Their facilities worldwide will still be protected from expropriation by our court system and defense establishment. Their brands and logos will be protected by our intellectual property rights. Most importantly, many of their low-wage part-time and full-time workers will still avail themselves of our government's health care system and our government provided retirement system. Many of their employees I am sure avail themselves of other low income government services like food stamps, but I am quite sure Burger King will not release any data on that topic.
Link to source: "Boycott Burger King" by John. R. Talbot on Huffington Post.

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