Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Disaster Tuesday

I do not deal with stress well so it was a challenge to deal with what happened today.

Costin — or as I call him: Fish Boy — came this morning to do his usual semi-monthly check up of my aquarium. He was here for a couple of hours and right after he left, I do what I always do: I sit by the tank and look at all the changes and check on the fish. They were all dying.

The Guppies and Endlers were all gasping for air on the surface, the Platties and Gouramis were on the bottom and the Clown Loaches and my other Loach were lying on their sides or curling up. Even the Shrimp were all trying to the surface for air. I called Costin. No answer. Left a message. Then I emailed him. Waited. Then called again and he answered. He gave me instructions to follow and so I went to the aquarium store for the supplies and they recommended a different course of action.

What to do? What to do? Oh, I know…. get a migraine watching the slow death of all your fish.

Costin said he would call just after five. He called and, thankfully, the store had forgotten to give me something I needed so he said he would come over and when he did, he found out the filter and pump were plugged and so all the fish were dying of lack of oxygen.

Relief is a fabulous emotion to experience. My fish are like my kids. I do not like to have a glass tank of death in my home.

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