Thursday, August 28, 2014

Long Walk; Long Post

Twenty-four degrees, glorious sunshine and the big change starts tonight to rain. I had to do a long walk, so I decided to walk to the PNE. The Pacific National Exhibition began who knows when as an agricultural fair. As a child I loved going because there were lots of buildings full of adventures. There were six buildings of animals, a building housing a monstrous scale topographical map of BC, a whole building full of flowers and many other delights. Plus, there were games and rides and many forms of junk foods. I walked 19,000 steps and many photos follow because I decided to walk home as well.

Click on any image to enlarge it.

First I walk across town, but once I leave the downtown core,
the first thing I come to is a park I call Needle Park. There are
boxes for sharps because of the nature of the perpetual residents.

Next I pass the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden, the first
and perhaps still, the only such classical garden outisde China.

The Chinese war memorial welcomes you to
Chinatown on the route I took.

Chinatown. I love it.

A Buddhist monastery en route.

There are many parks along the route I took which is almost
direct, two blocks south of Hastings (a horrible street to walk).

Crossing over the tracks.

I pass many schools and churches at which it
is easy and pleasant to rest.

Old road surfaces.

Bosa Italian foods is fabulous.

These flocks seduced me.

I covet this enclosed south-facing verandah.

One building at the PNE continues—the "gadgets"
building where you get those "it dices; it slices"
salespersons left, right and centre.

A girl and her cotton candy.

Look at that design. I love this.


And another.

Where I went.

What I ate.

A favourite thing to do is to be with animals.
There were many Clydesdales there today.

Designer chickens.

Pan showing his  "come hither" gaze.


The rides. I couldn't go there.

There is a superbly relaxing park adjacent to the rides.

She planted this garden for the first time this year. She has
gobs of food where last year there was grass.



A school door.

Another thing I covet.

A favourite store in Chinatown on my way home.

A tea shop. I got a pot and will return to a
tea tasting to get some leaves.

Another favourite shop. Ming Wo's kitchen
supplies where I got a half-dozen new
Champagne glasses to go with the twenty
bottles of grower's champagne I have ordered
from France.

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