Monday, August 11, 2014

Sunday: To David & Aubin's on Bowen Island

They had often said, "Just come over, any time. Sundays are best." So I decided to take them up on their offer. I got up early Sunday morning and left without even checking the bus and ferry schedule. I left with a "whatever happens, happens" attitude.

The trip was so easy! The Express Horseshoe Bay bus arrived at its stop shortly after I arrived and I got a seat for the long drive. It was a beautiful warm drive to the Bay and a short wait for the ferry. The ride over was spent talking to a Missionary who had spent six years in Uganda.

I walked to the Artisan VIllage for breakfast (straight up) and called David and Aubin. They were home and happy to have me visit. They have two-and-a-half spectacular acres on a hillside on Bowen. When I got there, they were in the Orangerie…
The orangerie; the citrus plants are outdoors for the summer
but the grapefruit and passionfruit remain inside.
This is David's favourite place — its warm in winter.
This is a special kind of swimming pool for Aubin.
She has a nasty arthritis and this will host her aqua therapy.
It will also host  more exotic  fruit and coffee plants.
Lotus is growing in a small tank.
This is inside the guest cabin that is heated with a small
wood-burning stove. It is cozy and beautiful. 
It's the details that impress, like this downspout.
This is a trail, off the house, that leads to the little orchard.
David amongst his flocks.

This is what I call "the lower forty" where there are zillions
of grapes that they use to press the best grape juice you will ever drink.
We harvested this luscious sweet warm plums. I ate five.
The fire pit. There are little areas all over and each has a name.
This is a lovely place to sit at night and stay warm. 

The kiwi fruit goes nuts and David and Aubin get a massive harvest.
They sell some fruit in the Bowen Market.

The lily is in this pond. It is huge and man-made. We built it
under David's direction when he first moved here. The land
was raw forest when he bought it. He has built everything you see.
Currents and grapes. 
The vegetable garden.
The hop arbour.
Another detail in the little outdoor theatre
area where concerts can be held.
More plums on an arbour.
This would be a lovely croquet lawn except the shortage of
water on Bowen prevents proper maintenance so it is a kids
play area that Aubin hopes to fill with wild flowers. 
The small pond by the house. All ponds
have lots of small fish.
Garlic harvest: differing grades for differing purposes.
A massive workshop hosts much of the equipment the place
needs to maintain it and for harvesting and processing all the fruits
and vegetables. It is a arboretum and very diverse garden.
The root cellar. 

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