Sunday, August 3, 2014

THE Summer Weekend in Vancouver

It starts on Friday night. 
The street my condo overlooks is closed to traffic for the block party of the summer: Pride. I have never partaken in this event as I don't drink and don't like crowds but Steve wanted to go, so off we went. And I loved it. I stayed in one place, back against the wall and people by the thousands streamed past me, very close to me, and going in both directions. But I felt totally invisible and I loved it.  Seeing so many diverse people in such good spirits so close was a thrill.

Davie Street is a circus. They have put up permanent LED lights that do all kinds of things including lighting up the entire gay village in rainbow coloured lights. All Saturday is a party. I walked the Seawall.

Saturday night was the Fireworks and this was the best ever, in the history of the Festival of Fire here. It was done by a Japanese team and it was the most spectacular display I have ever seen—perfectly times, beautifully curated musically and elegant.

The Pride Parade was sensational. Barely any gaps and extraordinary weather. It was just amazing to see my community and the values we were the first to trumpet—acceptance and diversity—so now a part of mainstream culture. It was a mass of humanity.
First some natural beauty.
The parade is on streets full of gardens.

Stanley Park is NEVER to be taken for granted.
On the way to the Fireworks.

The first memorial I have ever seen on the Seawall.

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