Monday, August 25, 2014

THe Weekend in Victoria

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I was excited to be going on such a beautiful day and from
such a dynamic location. The sea plane to Victoria leaves
from behind the Convention Centre.

We were a full house. I was last in.

Active Pass. I have been through here so often on the ferry
but never been over it in such clear weather.

Arriving in Victoria. I LOVE the geography here where they
get toughly 35% of the rainfall we get in Vancouver.

ON arrival, Jess, Todd and Sahara and I went directly to a
small cove near their house for a picnic. Jessica is exactly
what I would want for a daughter; Todd is human perfection.
Sahara has inspired more learning than almost anyone else
I know and she is only twelve years old.

The reddest Arbutus tree I have ever seen is
in the grounds of the Empress Hotel.

We had champagne and then the Indian smorgasbord
in the Bengal Room of the Empress—my favourite place
to go with Todd & Jess.

Adrian is Sahara's caregiver. On Sunday, Todd and I
harvested the French beans Todd grew in his massive garden.

They also grow lots of lavender and HUGE beets.
Very Provençal, all in all. 
There are two large vegetable gardens. This is the smaller one.

This is the larger garden. 

These beets are absolutely gargantuan. They are the size of
very large melons. I can't believe it.


These are the potatoes we harvested.
This is 25% of their crop.

A last look at the beautiful coastal geography of the Island.
They are f-cked if the glaciers melt.