Saturday, August 9, 2014

Saturday Morning and All is Good

Past. Tense. Tuesday morning I got an email from Presentation House Theatre. Their Season Brochure was going to press and I (a "special event" — aka "afterthought") needed to provide a graphic and tagline for my show. The problem: they wanted them that day or the next morning.

Being a "special event" is a rise in status over self-production but I am, again, the bastard child. Not this (a show in their season), not that (a rental), but a hybrid and that is the story of my life. To give them what they wanted, I had to think of a title.

I had been calling it HoMe. As usual, I thought it was clever being about Presentation HOUSE, and because of text in the play. But like the screenplay I had called Mockingbird, it was too "in" for general consumption. So Mockingbird became Uncle Gus' Monkey and HoMe has become Trudeau, the Felons and Me. Now I am working on an image.
The Dr. Freud Self-Awareness Kit is really coming along. I had some problems with the package cover  because I am having to create "period" fonts and not all my letters are working. Dwight, my partner in this exercise, now has proofs of my design work to date to review. 

This is a terrific project on so many levels. I love:
          - Making things and having something interesting and creative to do
          - Having a project to share with Dwight
          - The practicality of the kit
          - How inexpensive it is to produce and ship
          - The sense of humour involved
          - Its applicability to what I teach; this project enriches my current classes

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