Wednesday, March 15, 2017

All News is Good

On the medical/psychological front: Tuesday Dr. Shoja taught me about human emotional development — from infancy to adulthood; it was hard to grasp the complexity of all she was saying. It was like an advanced lecture. I asked questions whenever I got lost or was confused and we persevered. When I told her I found it hard to grasp she said she wasn’t surprised and that what she was trying to explain is even difficult for her PhD students of psychiatry to understand.
When she got to the “But” part, however, it became easier to understand. Somehow, hearing her explain how my emotional development was retarded made all she had explained earlier more comprehensible. The discussion gave me a clear understanding of why I am single.
And … Besides being smarter about my interpersonal relations, I’m also clear about why I am drowning in snot. Allergy season is her and its bad this year.  Pollen is my kryptonite.
On the weather front: It is spectacular to be typing at my desk with the window open beside me. I also have the living room window open so there is a cross breeze and the smell of the fresh air inside my condo is heavenly after the long winter with windows closed. Thankfully, Tuesday afternoon downtown was free of the opera of street life.
On the dress front: Woo hoo! All the parts for the skirt of the doily dress are done; it just has to be assembled. I got the gentle folds I wanted — not sharp folds like I used on the deco dress, but soft folds to imply motion. It’s a full, short dress of white watercolour paper that I will overlay with black tissue papier mâché — and I’ll overlay that with cut up doily bits to look like lace trim.
Ivan and Peter come this afternoon. Unfortunately, I am nervous so I am likely to stutter. Sigh. But I’m off to get nice things to eat and I’ll chill the champagne. Ivan collects real dresses so I am embarrassed by my creations. Beth, however, is reassuring and usually right so I’ll take my confidence from her.

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beth said...

Damn right she's reassuring! And - I've been in that pub.