Friday, March 10, 2017

Butoh Tonight

It’s Friday again already. Boy the weeks go by quickly.
Tim is coming for lunch today then Enki and I are going to a Butoh show tonight. Enki is a new friend whom I met him in the store where I get my chocolate. He’s new to Vancouver and keen for company. I remember when I moved to Nice and knew no one. I was starved for conversation and I suspect that’s Enki’s situation; his need is ideal for this man who spends too much time alone.  
I’m so glad I got through the winter so happily. My project provided that happiness. Now that Daylight Savings time has arrived, I feel winter is over. I look forward to warm walks.
My friend Beth lives in Sacville and a few blocks from her house there’s a park with a farm in it. Well … a barn, a couple of paddocks and some zoo like enclosures that house farm animals. And there’s a store that sells the eggs hatched in the farm. I wish we had that here. It’s a place I’d go often to touch the cows and sheep and goats. It’s always such a calming and uplifting experience to go there. We have no equivalent.
And on the project front … my doily dress is looking really good. I’m building the structural base that provides its shape. I’m building it out of bent paper — not folded. When my plan A worked I felt incredible relief; most of my dresses are built on plan B but not this one.
Once I have the structure built, I will coat it in black tissue paper and then add the white decorative elements. I’m hoping to achieve an interesting texture by crinkling the tissue into a tight ball and then undoing it and rolling it flat with a rolling pin. I’m hoping that will give a richness to the dress surface.
What a shot in the arm it is to make things that make you happy.

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